FKS Food and Agri has a large portfolio of leading consumer brands in Indonesia, the Group owns more than 15 consumer brands. Our branded products range from cooking foods (rice and noodles), snacks, biscuits and confectionaries as well as pantry essentials and sugar.

All of our consumer branded products are available on our online supermarket FKSMart as well as major e-commerce platforms. 

Cooking Foods

Quality-certified range of dry noodles, dry vermicelli, instant vermicelli and rice products that are easy to cook for consumption.

Snacks, Biscuits, and Confectionaries

Popular and highly-recognisable among families and children, there is something to suit every taste in our award-winning snacks which include instant snack nooldes, wafer sticks and extruded snacks, biscuits and candies. 

Pantry Essentials and Specialty Sugars

Everyday food items every pantry must have, comprising rice flour, wheat flour, corn starch and refined sugars such icing and caster sugar and other specialty sugars, all of which meet high quality standards and certifications. 

Staple Food and Feed

Our vast range of sourced and distributed staple food and feed products include soybeans, soybean meal, wheat, corn, dried distilled grains, various rendered meal products and feed additives.