We know consumer taste buds are increasingly more discerning. Today, food is more than just a necessity for survival. It is the basic ingredient that fuels our hopes, dreams and ambitions. We are committed to providing you with food of the highest quality to support you as you climb life’s highest summits.

As a market-leading player in the Indonesian consumer food, pantry essentials and feed business segment, we offer an extensive range of products to cater to the taste buds of our customers. Our products are sold to a wide variety of customers in Indonesia, including poultry producers, feed millers, wholesalers and retailers in the food and beverage industry. We also serve some of the largest players in the Indonesian pantry essential and consumer branded products business.

Consumer Branded Food

Pantry Essentials

Distribution and Logistics

In our Indonesian business, we have our distribution and logistics platform where we source, procure, process and distribute various staple food and feed products. Currently, we operate three modern dry bulk terminals in key entry points in Indonesia. We also recently started our land dry bulk trucking business with 95 fleet-size trucks. We have also built an in-house mobile app called the TMS that provides our customers door-to-door traceability and real-time tracking of their goods to better time their sales. 

With our extensive distribution network across Indonesia, the Group can launch and release new products and distribute them at ease.