Founded by FKS Group as a reflection of our corporate care and social responsibility toward the community and the environment. The foundation focuses on education and humanitarian work because we believe that children can reach their dreams and contribute to development through education.

Annual Report 2020

FKS Foundation shares its programme and initiatives on an annual basis through their Annual Report. For more information on their annual report, kindly click on the link below.

Our Programmes

We also care for the homeless, disabled, poor and orphans by supporting them financially as well as extending medical assistance through our health programmes.

Realising that our nation is located in disaster-prone areas, FKS Foundation is committed to immediately assisting victims of natural disasters through our emergency response and recovery initiatives.

We believe in investing in children as they are the future leaders of nations. We work with local communities to shortlist talented children to participate in our scholarship programme. Scholarships are also provided to children from poorer families.

The school environment is crucial to providing children with quality education. We provide financial assistance to selected schools to improve their facilities, especially sanitation, to ensure the learning environment is conducive.

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