Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct sets out our commitment and serves as a guide to employees for conducting ourselves ethically and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations where we work.

Being good includes, among others, the responsibility to adhere to applicable laws and regulations, strive to drive positive impact to local communities, commit to conducting business that is economical, socially and environmentally friendly.

The Company is responsible to workplace environment, occupational health and safety as well as security, quality and product stewardship and to ensure compliance with the internal controls, financial reporting, data storage and audits. 

Being honest includes not tolerating bribery or taking bribes, complying all laws and regulations related to Anti-Monopoly, Business Competition and Anti-Money Laundering that apply globally where the Company operates. 

All employees are expected to avoid conflict of interest wherever possible where our personal interests could inappropriately influence business judgment, objectivity or loyalty in conducting business activities for the Company.