We undertake the processing of certain food products from their primary form into higher value-added forms. These include the milling of rice into rice flour, wheat into wheat flour, corn into corn starch and other corn derivatives. We also process raw sugar into refined sugar products, sourcing our raw sugar from top quality producers in Brazil, Thailand, Australia and India and sell the refined sugar products across Indonesia to a wide variety of local and international customers.

Sugar Refining

We are the second-largest sugar refiner by installed capacity in Indonesia, and we operate two of the 11 sugar refineries in Indonesia. Our facilities can produce 1,800 tonnes of specialty sugars a month and 1.2 million tonnes a year. Our West Java facility has a storage capacity of 90,000 tonnes of raw sugar and 22,000 tonnes of refined and bagged sugar, while our Makassar facility has a capacity for 80,000 tonnes of raw sugar and 21,000 tonnes of refined and bagged sugar. Both facilities are ISO 22000:2005 certified.

Wheat Flour Milling

Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat and is the main ingredient in conventional bakery and pasta products. Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia, our flour mill joint venture, is the fourth largest flour miller by installed capacity in Indonesia, with an annual capacity of over 1.2 million tonnes. The mills produce a wide variety of flours, including all-purpose flour, bread flour, cake flour, noodle flour and specialty flours such as premix flour and coarse bran.

Our flour products are distributed to more than 45 cities in Indonesia and sold to end consumers as well as businesses. Most of the products are sold under brands owned by Bungasari with two retail mass market flours sold under our Bola brand, namely Bola Saju, all-purpose wheat flour for making wheat-based dishes and Bola Merah, a wheat-based flour used for making fritters.

Corn Wet Milling

FKS Food and Agri and Tereos S.A. operate Tereos FKS, the first corn wet milling facility and Indonesia’s largest corn starch and sweetener. Our early entry into the production market has enabled us to occupy a significant market share in Indonesia.

Strategically located at Cigading Port, Tereos FKS’s milling facility enjoys access to strong infrastructure and market demand from other parts of Indonesia. With a production capacity of over 400,000 tonnes per annum and a storage capacity of 65,000 tonnes, the facility produces a wide range of products, including food preparation and processing ingredients such as corn starch, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, corn germ as well as feed products such as corn gluten feed and meal, corn steep liquor and powder.

Rice Flour Milling

We are proud to have the first semi-automated rice flour mill in Indonesia, which is also the second-largest by installed capacity to mill 250 tonnes of rice into rice flour or glutinous rice flour daily, as well as a storage capacity of 8,000 tonnes of rice and over 4,000 tonnes of milled rice flour. Our rice and glutinous rice flour are sold under our Bola Deli brand.