We source and procure staple food and feed products such as soybeans, soybean meal, wheat, corn, rice and others from diverse locales around the world, such as United States of America, South America, Australia, India and local Indonesia. These products are then distributed to wholesalers and small business enterprises throughout Indonesia. Our “port-to-door” local logistics network in Indonesia was established to support and strengthen our supply chain activities.  Today, we operate in Indonesia’s three main dry cargo gateways, namely Cigading Port in West Java, Teluk Lamong Port in East Java and Belawan Port in North Sumatera. 

End-to-end Logistics Solution

We consistently enhance our presence along the value chain by offering door-to-door logistics solutions through integrating port handling, stevedoring, warehousing and land transportation. This integrated offering optimises our supply chain and delivers greater value to our customers.

Our wide range of end-to-end logistical solutions includes bulk handling, cargo packaging, cargo storage and weighing services. Our services include:

  • Port handling 
  • Warehousing 
  • Transportation solutions

Port Handling Services

A pioneer of the integrated warehouse model in Indonesia, our modern transit warehouses are fully connected through a conveyor system. 

Sentral Gudang Terminal, Belawan 

Sentral Grain Terminal, Cigading 

Nusa Prima Logistik, Teluk Lamong 

Our presence in Indonesia’s three main dry cargo ports with modern terminals, advanced technology and sizeable capacity allows us to optimise our entire value chain, from importing large amounts of staple food and feed products to supplying products to our customers according to their timing and quantity requirements. 

We use the Portalink technology or the continuous ship unloader at all our current port locations to enable the Group to discharge 25,000 tonnes per day (3 times faster speed than a conventional port). The continuous ship unloader is more hygienic and prevents losses during discharging. Besides the faster speed, grains are discharged directly from vessels and through a continuous conveyor belt system to the warehouse or directly to trucks. These enable the Group to discharge vessels at a much faster speed, thus reducing shipping costs. The cost savings can then be shared with our customers.

Warehousing Services

Our network of 24 warehouses provides us with unparalleled distribution capabilities and enables us to serve our customers across Indonesia. There warehouses have a collective capacity of close to one million tonnes and are strategically located across Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, East Java and others.  

In these warehouses, we store, pack and subsequently distribute food and feed products to our customers. As most of the warehouses are located within proximity to key ports, it allows us to improve efficiencies, food safety and product cleanliness.  

Transportation Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of logistics solutions includes last-mile delivery from port to warehouse or direct to our customers’ destination. We utilise the Transportation Management System (TMS), a mobile digital administration and monitoring system, to facilitate a more efficient loading time, improving invoicing and receipt. This has allowed us to achieve faster delivery processing times with a much shorter waiting time at the port. Lead time to load has reduced significantly from a maximum of 8 hours of waiting time down to a maximum of 1 hour. 

It also provides our customers door-to-door traceability and real-time tracking of their goods to better time their sales. 

For more details on our distribution and logistics operations, please visit www.fksmultiagro.com