Enerfo Pte Ltd, established in 2010, is the merchandising arm of FKS Food and Agri. Our merchandising services occupy a vital spot in the international staple food and feed flow between Southeast Asia and the world. We are a bridge between staple food and feed sources in the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific and the end consumer markets in Southeast Asia. Our value chain in merchandising begins with procurement activities in our source markets across more than 20 countries, including Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

We leverage on our longstanding commercial relationships with producers, our seasoned understanding of trade dynamics and logistics, the use of best-in-class technology and our rich experience to deliver the best products in their optimal form, quality and price for every customer. This delivery process is supported by our logistical facilities, including facilities at our ports in Indonesia and a warehouse in Vietnam with a 80,000 tonne storage capacity.

We aim to offer quality, consistency and transparency. Every delivery that reaches our customers must fulfill our standard quality requirements and achieve a high level of consistency. Through a stringent monitoring and tracing process, our customers are also able to identify our products’ grade and quality

Our Products

Origins and Destinations

Our key origin markets include South America, Central America, the United States of America, Southern Africa and the Asia Pacific while our key destination markets include Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Southeast Asia and North Asia. 

Our Customers

Our diversified customer base consists of poultry producers, feed millers and wholesalers as well as retailers across the food and beverage industry, among which are highly recognisable brand names. Through consistent delivery, we have established longstanding relationships with many of our customers.

Value-Added Solutions

In addition to merchandising, Enerfo also provides integrated solutions to buyers and sellers. Where do you draw a line to where our services end? The answer is you cannot. Because our customers face many variables, options, constraints and deadlines, they sometimes need solutions that cross traditional molds and functional boundaries. We think for our customers beyond everyday transactions. We help them achieve new benchmarks.

Market Development Solutions

Beyond sustaining day-to-day operations, our customers are constantly keeping an eye on the next growth market or growth driver. They can be planning to enter a new market or simply looking to solidify their standing in their current markets. With our deep knowledge and longstanding commercial relationships honed in the industry from years of experience, we can develop bespoke strategies and practical solutions to facilitate the market expansion plans of our customers. We can help you find your winning edge in the markets.

Distribution Solutions

Our cross-border, cross-segment operating experience equips us with the knowledge and connections to provide effective distribution solutions for our customers’ products. With the diverse requirements of our customers, driven by market characteristics, business practices, local regulations, existing transportation and logistical infrastructure, there is always room for us to value-add to our customers’ distribution strategies and execution. We can literally take our customers through the extra mile in their delivery.

Financing and Risk Management Solutions

Moving our customers’ food and feed products involves complex operations supported by highly-structured financial and risk management solutions. Leveraging our financial engineering expertise and access to instruments and platforms, we get our customers well-covered. Some of our services in this suite of solutions include structured trade financing, collateral management for trade financing, insurance arrangement, optimised hedging solutions, credit analysis and control, market intelligence and risk management.