As an emerging region with one of the highest rates of economic expansion and income growth globally, Southeast Asia has a sizeable and young consumer market that will underpin robust demand for years to come. Firmly entrenched in the business of feeding Southeast Asia and committed to our mission to deliver, FKS Food and Agri is well-positioned and fully equipped to answer to the vast needs of this region.

Our extensive global network, deep product knowledge and sophisticated trading systems, bring a wide array of globally-sourced staple food and feed products, such as soybean, soybean meal, wheat, corn, rice and sugar to the doorsteps of our customers in Southeast Asia.

As an integrated merchandiser in the global food and feed trade, we have capabilities across various value chains from sourcing and procurement to shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution. We serve diverse customers from producers to wholesalers to end consumers, offering a variety of services that largely comprise the core activities of merchandising and shipping, and value-added solutions such as market development solutions, distribution solutions and financing and risk management solutions.


Sugar Plantation & Milling