Food safety is central to our long-term sustainability as a food business and we pay great attention to producing food that is safe, hygienic and of the highest standards. Tremendous care is taken to ensure quality control in the entire production process, from preparation to delivery, so that it would meet regulatory and international benchmarks.  From sourcing raw materials to preparation, processing, packaging and distribution we aim to meet the highest food quality standards.  

Our food processing facilities are compliant to food safety regulations and other requirements adopted by the Company. We have standard operating procedures in place to ensure compliance at all times. 

Raw materials purchased are with accompanying food safety certification to ensure it is fit for consumption. We engage third party surveyors to check the quality of raw materials purchased and run quality assurance tests at our in-house laboratories to ensure the satisfactory quality of the raw materials purchased. 

Our food manufacturing facilities are audited and certified

  • ISO 22000:2005  (Food Management System)
  • FSSC 22000 
  • Halal 

As part of our commitment to the highest possible food safety standards and quality, we aim to have all our food processing facilities FSSC 22000 certified. As food safety requirements evolve, we constantly improve our procedures to ensure all our food products are sourced, manufactured and packed to be safe for their intended use.