Pantry Essentials Products

Rice Flour

As the by-product of rice, a staple in many Asian diets, rice flour has a wide variety of culinary uses. It is a popular base for noodles in many Asian cuisines and also used as a thickening agent in sauces, a breading for fried dishes and a base for various baked goods. Rice flour is very commonly used in gluten-free baked goods to give them structure and substance, but it is also a popular addition for non-gluten-free baked goods because of its unique and slightly sandy texture. Our customers are primarily small and medium enterprises as well as direct retail consumers, which utilise rice flour as a raw material for their baking and cooking needs.

Our rice flour is sold under our Bola Deli brand. 

Glutinous Rice Flour

Our glutinous rice flour is known for its sticky and chewy texture and is another staple ingredient in Asian cuisine. Similar to rice flour, it is also gluten-free and commonly used to make dumplings and desserts in Asia. 

Our glutinous rice flour is also sold under our Bola Deli brand. 

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat, and is the main ingredient in conventional bakery and pasta products.

Our flour products are distributed to more than 45 cities in Indonesia and sold to end consumers as well as businesses. Most of the products are sold under brands owned by Bungasari, with two retail mass market flours sold under our Bola brand, namely Bola Saju, all-purpose wheat flour for making wheat-based dishes and Bola Merah, a wheat-based flour used for making fritters.

Corn Starch and Derivatives 

Corn Starch – the closest thing to magic in the culinary world. 

Its varied culinary uses – not only is it the ingredient responsible for crispiness in so many food items, from baked chicken wings to deep-fried chicken thighs to sauteed shrimp to pan-fried cubed tofu makes cakes and cookies tender and soft, making it a true need-to-have in all kitchens.

Sugar and Specialty Sugar Products


Among its food products, sugar is one segment in which FKS Food and Agri has complete value chain operational capabilities. In Indonesia, we are focused on producing specialty sugar products. 

Specialty Sugar 

Our specialty sugar segment produces icing and caster sugar products and a variety of tailor-made specialty sugar of different granulation and specification to fit our customer requirements. Our specialty sugars are sold under Bola Deli.