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If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet or savoury tooth, we have got you covered! Our wide variety of snack, biscuits and confectionaries is widely popular across Indonesia. We offer a variety of savoury extruded snacks sold under our Taro® brand as well as snack noodles sold under our Mie Kremezz® brand. Both Taro and Mie Kremezz are our award winning products. 

Noodle Snack

Mie Kremezz, a crunchy and addictive dry noodles snack with accompanying mixed seasoning. Flavours available are hot chili, grilled chicken, sweet cheese and balado chili. 

Extruded Snack 

Taro range of snacks, made of wheat flour, corn and potatoes as well as other quality ingredients. Taro is one of the most famous snack brands in Indonesia.

Flavours available are BBQ potato, seaweed, Italian pizza, cowboy steak and cheese blast. 


Gulas, a tamarind candy produced since 1985. The sweet and tangy flavours of the candy is refreshing and helps to relieve nausea. It is suitable for all ages.