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26 July 2018

FKS Food and Agri Pte Ltd, through its subsidiary,  Permata Dunia Sukes Utama and Makassar Tene, has started the campaign to minimize the usage of water and energy during the production process. The campaign was first initiated in 2016 and has constantly been running until today.

Both companies used several methods to minimise water and energy usage. During production, the team always does routine check-ups on possible water leaks and improvements on the insulation to keep the heat inside. The procurement team has also been working hard with the engineering team to control the coal quality being used to fuel the machinery while at the same time doing treatment on the cooling tower to maintain the blowdown quality of the machine after every production process.

With the discipline of every team at both facilities, the program was considered to be one of the most successful campaigns and will be monitored quarterly. Both companies are expected to have a more reduced water and energy usage in the coming