About Us

FKS Food and Agri is a leading food company with a global supply chain network and has a fully integrated ‘farm-to-plate’ business model. 

Our Business

As an integrated agricultural and food business player, FKS Food and Agri operates across the value chain on various agricultural commodities.

Our Products & Services

Cooking Foods

Quality-certified dry noodles vermicelli, instant vermicelli and rice products for daily cooking needs.

Snacks and Confectionaries

Award-winning snacks include savoury extruded snacks, instant snack noodles, wafer sticks, biscuits and candies, which are popular and highly recognisable among families and children.

Pantry Essentials

Everyday food items every pantry must have, comprising rice flour, wheat flour, corn starch and refined sugars such as icing and caster sugar and other specialty sugars.

Staple Food and Feed

A wide range of sourced and distributed staple food and feed products include soybean, soybean meal, wheat, corn, dried distilled grains, various rendered meal products and feed additives.

Logistics Services

Reliable partner in providing modern port-to-door logistics solutions to our customers.


FKS is committed in operating as a sustainable organisation and we seek to minimise the impact while maximising the benefit of our operations to our stakeholders, which includes our customers, employees, society, communities and our surrounding environment.

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Human talent is one of our most valuable assets and we believe in investing in them for the long term.