We source and procure staple food and feed products such as soybeans, soybean meal, wheat, corn, rice and others from diverse locales around the world, such as United States of America, South America, Australia, India and local Indonesia. These products are then distributed to wholesalers and small business enterprises throughout Indonesia, leveraging our unrivaled integrated “port-to-door” local logistics network in Indonesia. Our operations in this segment are carried out under our subsidiary IDX-listed FKS Multi Agro and its subsidiaries. 


We supply a wide range of staple food and feed products to wholesalers and small business owners in Indonesia. Soybeans, refined sugar, wheat and rice are our main distributed food and pantry products while under feed products, we supply soybean meal, dried distilled grains (DDGs), corn gluten meal and rapeseed meal, as well as rendered products such as meat and bone meal, poultry meat meal, fishery products and feed additives. 




Soybean meal

Corn meal

Fish meal